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Steel Roofing

Steel Roofing

Steel Roofing has become the fastest growing product in the roofing industry.  Steel roofing provides a beautiful finish to a new home or business.  It also offers a practical and appearance enhancing replacement option for an existing building.  

With proper installation steel roofing may out live the building or home its installed on.  Its only enemies are rust and high winds. Properly installed, a steel roof will last as long as the house and is fire, insect, mildew, and rot resistant.  A correctly designed steel roof system is the ultimate roof in our opinion.

What you should know about Steel Roofing
  • Safety- where will snow and ice land when it slides off the roof all at once?  Will it land on persons or property?
  • Sound- will it be noisy in heavy rain or hail storms?  If, yes a sound barrier should be installed
  • Vent Pipes- The lower the vent pipe the more prone it is to be sheared off by snow and ice
Reasons to Consider a Steel Roof

Although the initial costs of a steel roof may be more than a traditional shingle roof, there are many advantages to a steel roof that should be considered

  • Dramatically Complement Virtually Any Architectural Style
  • More Styles, Colors, and Profiles than Traditional Roofing Materials
  • Energy Efficient "cool" roofing
  • Metal Roofing is “Green” Roofing (it is recyclable)
  • Lightning Protection because it Conducts Electricity Safely
  • Wind Resistance – Passes Wind and Uplift Tests including UL 580 90psf (simulates 150mph+ wind)
  • Can be installed on nearly any pitch roof
  • Higher Fire Safety Rating through Underlayments

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