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EPDM Roofing Membranes

EPDM (ethylene proplylene diene monomer) is a type of synthetic rubber.  EPDM is durable and resistant to general wear and tear, it is ideal for flat and low sloping roofing applications  The most popular brand of EPDM rubber is the Firestone brand which we have used for the past 29 years.  It has proven itself to us over the years as a product that is durable and does not peel crack or split.

One of the best features of EPDM rubber is its elasticity.  The elasticity of EPDM roofing allows it to elongate more than any other membrane to accommodate thermal shock.  It will stay elastic for its complete life.

When properly installed, a .60 mil EPDM roof system has a life expectancy of 20 or more years, during which little or no maintenance is required.

EPDM rubber comes in many sizes and widths to accommodate most any installation.  The most common thickness in use today are:

     .045 mil approximately the thickness of a dime (not recommended)

     .060 mil approximately the thickness of a quarter

     .090 mil approximately the thickness of 2 dimes

EPDM is the only roofing membrane we have installed that has not failed us since we first began installing it in 1982. 

For more information on EPDM roofing:  ERA-EPDM roofing association



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